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Cenforce 200 MG

There are numerous reasons for unhealthy and disappointing marriage life. These problems may vary from family conflicts to emotional diversions. One of the most crucial elements to maintain a stable and satisfying living is a blooming bedroom life (your sex life).

On the contrary, the situations are quite challenging; according to a study on Erectile dysfunction, around 26% of men below the age of 40years are suffering from this hollowing problem. From detailed research from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, it was evident that approximately 50% of men falling in the age of 50s and nearly 70% of 70s are silently swallowing this dis-satisfaction.  

The above-stated data makes clear how many men are struggling internally. Neither unable to make their better-halves happy in the bedroom nor able to speak about it openly.

Yes, we are indicating the inefficiency of men during sexual intercourse due to erectile dysfunction. This problem is also known as impotence. 

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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which the men’s penis cannot keep and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. On the face of it, it looks like some non-recoverable disease, but it can be cured with the usage of the available advanced and well-researched medicines at present.

The situation arises when enough blood does not reach out to the male sexual organ-penis, which results in lowering down the efficiency of the penis during sexual intimacy.

Earlier it was considered a problem arising along with the process of aging. However, the idea has turned upside down. It can be seen in young men too, made crystal clear by the recently conducted studies and surveys.


Erectile dysfunction can only be cured in due time if it is recognized at the right stage and right time. So, let’s look at some of the common symptoms indicating the initialization of erectile dysfunction. However, the severity depends upon the persistence and intensity of the lack of erection of the penis.
If you are in a state to erect your penis while having sexual intercourse but not whenever you wish to make it steady at the time of coitus.
In case you are unable to erect your (men) sexual organ at your choice.

Extremity arises when you are not in a condition to make an erection at all. Suppose you experience any of the above-stated three pre-conditions. In that case, it is high time to visit a doctor and recommend a course of medicines to rectify your sexual well-being.
The causes of erectile dysfunction are person-specific and situation-centric. The most prone people are the ones who are suffering from heart-diseases, their bodies have more obesity cells, their bodies possess any diabetes. Moreover, the contemporary lifestyle and body cycle also add to the alarming state of an ineffective penis. Severe depression, intense anxiety, psychological disturbance, or emotional breakdown also contribute towards sloping the graph of erectile dysfunction upwards.

What are the causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

The physical health-related causes of Erectile Dysfunction are as follows:

1. Injuries to the penis, spinal cord, prostate, bladder, or pelvis – These physical accidents directly reciprocate their adverse effects on your sexually connected organs. These injuries could have happened while young, but the visible results are prominent when you grow up.

2. Surgery of Bladder Cancer – The human bladder has direct sync with our sexual organs. So, if you ever had any surgery of the bladder or around that region, you may have the chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction at any point of time in your life. Have an in-depth look at the emotional and psychological factors causing erectile
  1. If you are uncomfortable with having coitus with your partner. Subsequently, prevailing conditions can lead to long-term dysfunction of the penis. And maybe you find it very difficult to catch up and match with the sexual expectations of your partner.
  2. Guilt about specific sexual activities or failure of past sexual performance. Suppose you could not succeed in performing your last sexual intercourse with efficiency. Such guilt may cause temporary problems of erection. But they disappear once you are active.
  3. If it is sudden sex or a special occasion and your partner has very high expectations from you. In such an expectation-bound situation, your sexual organ may not function at its best due to the fear of failure and humiliation in front of the partner.  
  4.  Confidence and self-esteem also play a pivotal role in making your sex life healthy and stable. If you lack self-esteem due to being timid or fear of lowered performance, your penis may react nervously, but that does not last for a long time.
  5. Sleep imbalance: Sleeping well and for enough time is crucial for maintaining a healthy living and balancing your personal and professional life. There may be chances when you take this essentially needed body requirement for granted or skip your sleep frequently. There are repercussions of this lightly treated requirement of your biological mechanism of the human body. It has been observed that sleep-deprived people develop erectile dysfunction more often than the ones following the scheduled sleeping routine and adhering to their usual patterns of sound sleep.

Here the meaning of sound sleep differs by the age of the person. For instance, adults should usually have a tight sleep of a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine hours. It must keep the pace of their metabolic activities linked with the natural rhythm to perform best while having sexual intercourse.   

If you wish to have healthy and satisfactory coitus with your partner, then have a well-established sleep routine. For that, go to your bed at a particular time daily, before sleep makes the surroundings favor your mood to fall in sleep easily. Ensure that you are not addicted to nicotine products or any other drug if you wish to maintain your erection of the penis instant during coitus. Moreover, make it a rule to get to your bedroom without any electronic gadget so that you can concentrate on sex instead of diverting your mind towards unproductive thoughts. 

-Your daily habits and lifestyle severely impact your sexual life. Your habits of doing drugs, being in a state of obesity, or being inactive in performing physical activities, smoking ruthlessly, or maybe being an alcoholic person. All these so-called regular routines are things of yours, invisibly adding to the sack of reducing your sexual performance.

After all, one of the emerging factors causing erectile dysfunction is watching porn, which prepares you for sex at your comfort. In contrast, in the actual stage, the penis fails to perform intimacy.

Prevention from Erectile Dysfunction:

As always said- ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ The severity of erectile dysfunction can be prevented from occurrence if due attention and right precautions are taken. So, if you want to have a constant and stable penis at the time of intercourse, avoid the following activities. Stop smoking – Smoking directly connects with the most important organs and omnipresent organs of the human body- lungs and blood vessels since erectile dysfunction is the consequence of a blockage of blood vessels, which prevents blood flow to the male sexual organ.+  Variants in your physical exercises – Doing sufficient physical exercises can prevent you from facing the issues of erectile dysfunction. So better start taking an active part in physical activities to make your genital region active and your body as a whole.  Never use drugs – Drugs pollute your blood vessels, which carry blood to your penis too. That may lead to blocking the vessels and failure of erection during sexual intimacy. Focus upon your weight control – Obesity is the situation of extremity and causes the erection failure of the penis in the process of coitus. Do not worry about erection dysfunction; your rescue is here- Cenforce 200mg. Cenforce 200 mg has been proved an effective and productive medicine to cure Erectile Dysfunction. This path-breaking drug contains Sildenafil 200mg, an extended form of phosphodiesterase enzymes. Besides rehabilitating Erectile Dysfunction, these tablets can also be used to heal pulmonary hypertension. Doctors are above all who diagnose erectile dysfunction and recommend the right prescription to cure it. There are tests like imaging tests, lab tests, and sample testing to conclude the disease’s pinpoints. Besides tests, certain other aspects such as your medical and sexual history and medical and physical examination are also taken care of while determining the exact problem.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most critical problems in men. Under this situation, the male sexual organ-penis loses its erection capability. When there is an improper blood supply to the muscles of the genital region, the choking leads to dis-functioning of the penis, which eventually takes the form of a dis-satisfactory sexual life. The penis fails to perform sexual intimacy as it cannot maintain an erection.

The causes of erection dysfunction differ from body to body of individuals. However, durable deficiency of erection in penis germinates usually due to aging, physical injuries, psychological imbalance, etc. Whereas hesitation in front of the partner, sudden nervousness, or irregular sex timings may give birth to temporary loss of erection in the penis during coitus. 

How does Cenforce 200mg work?

Cenforce 200mg is one of the most effective medicines to make you the master at the time of sexual intercourse. Erection dysfunction develops when PDE type-5 enzymes are released in our blood vessels in excess amounts. As an opponent, Cenforce 200 mg chocks this enzyme’s passage and lets nitric oxide (available in Sildenafil Citrate 200mg) rush to blood without any hurdle. This exposure to nitric oxide stimulates cyclic guanosine monophosphate secretion, which relaxes the muscle of the genital area and assists in the smooth flow of blood to that region. Finally, the male sexual organ gets active and erected like never before and supports tension-free intercourse.   

How to take Cenforce 200mg?

Self-medication is too prohibited. So, consult a doctor for sure before beginning with the doses of Cenforce 200mg. These tablets are taken with normal water orally without chewing or grinding in the process. The dosage depends on your present health status. Maybe half pill or an entire pill would work entirely in proportion to the advice of your physician.

The dose of Cenforce should be consumed at least half an hour before coitus if you are looking for the best impact during sexual contact. Though the general time for which the effect lasts is a maximum of five hours but does not worry less than that. Because how your body reacts to the pills is unique biologically. But in the end, if you are not satisfied or the tablets did not work in the bedroom, listen to your doctor’s directions.  

How long should Cenforce 200mg last?

The ideal time for a Cenforce 200mg to be in an active state is four to five hours. On the contrary, the timing may differ by your body responses and biological composition. Of course, it is assumed that the medicine is used only at your doctor’s consultancy, and you are a patient of erectile dysfunction or pulmonary hypertension. The pills are dose-specific; once in a day (24 hours) is the intake standard frequency. More than that is considered as an overdose which leads to numerous severe consequences. 

Side effects of Cenforce 200mg

Since every human body reacts in a specific manner to the external factor, individuals’ systematic response towards Cenforce 200mg is vividly different. Some may show some repercussions, and some may react heavily. Based on the previous situational data, here are the common side effects of consuming Cenforce 200mg. Not necessarily all the symptoms of side effects are cool and natural. If they persist for an extended period, rush to your doctor and take the required precautions.      

Following stated are some of those common and acceptable side effects of Cenforce 20mg:

If you feel like seeing things blurry or color changes, the shift in visibility is unable to structure things.

Red and flushed face – The medicine may cause a flushed face. That is because of the blood rush in the vessels and will drift away in some time.

Heavy head with a blend of headache – The consumption of CENFORCE 200mg may lead to your head and headache’s heaviness simultaneously, which is quite often and natural too.

It may affect your nose by turning it stuffy and running. You may feel back pain, a bit of nausea, or maybe giddiness.

If you have any of the above-shared symptoms, do not worry. They are the possible signs that the drug is functional in your body. However, if the signs do not disappear within a shorter time, visit your doctor. If advised, do not take the pills till the moment your doctor nods at it.

Contrary to the common side effects, your body may show some indicators directing extreme and immediate medical attention. Some of them are discussed below:

A prolonged erection (Priapism) – The condition of erection for an elongated period, which may last for more than 4 hours. This situation creates colossal pain and discomfort to a person having it. Severe stages of priapism may end in permanent failure and irrecoverable damage to your penis.

What Precautions to take while taking Cenforce 200mg?

If you are a man below the age of 18 years, Beware of the usage does not consume Cenforce 200mg at this stage. Because such an inappropriate consumption is injurious to the health, and maybe in the future, you would not be in a position to have the proper and productive sexual intercourse with your partner. Which may jeopardize your married life.  

Those who are having angina-related issues should avoid the usage of Cenforce 200mg in such circumstances because sexual sensations and active coitus activate more angina problems and gradually lead to severe forms of angina disease. 

Following any other medicinal prescription simultaneously and Cenforce 200mg may give birth to extremely adverse health impacts.

You are never advised to use the pills in excess because they may conclude and lead to an extended erection and a long, painful phase of suffering. In such cases, visit your doctor and get the remedies immediately.

Though it cures impotence and can also be used for healing up pulmonary hypertension, before starting the course, make sure you are not a woman and, more specifically, not a pregnant woman.

Cenforce 200mg or Sildenafil Citrate 200mg functions to trigger a heart attack or stroke. So, if you have been through the phase of a heart attack, heart surgeries, or stroke recently, it is high time for them to ban this drug’s consumption.

The consumption of Cenforce 200mg also brings drowsiness and dizziness to the consumer. So, do not work on any machinery or equipment or driving. The influence of Cenforce 200mg is quite heavy and should be taken care of.

Allergies are prevalent in the course of this medication. Try to avoid the usage of Cenforce 200mg and consult your doctor for some supplements or other alternatives. Instead of benefits, you might get the dark side of it in the longer run. So, it is better to distance yourself from it.

Allergic people can entirely switch to other medication but never follow two prescriptions at the same time. On the face of it, it may seem like dual benefits but take the must to be taken precautions here. That is just a myth. Dual medication is hazardous for your health. Even do not supply any side substitutes or extra proteins if you take doses of Cenforce 200mg. Such actions may damage your other body parts and penis (anything can happen).

-Some activities like smoking, alcohol consumption, seem cool but they can create fatal if consumed while you are in the medication of Cenforce 200mg. The bizarre combination of such unhealthy acts and erectile-curing medicine may give some unpredictable byproducts depending upon the condition of how your body reacts.

Doctors are supreme, but self-actions should also be equally involved during any medication period. For that, be vigilant about the steps to be followed, warning signs, expiry dates, allergies to what (food and environmental conditions). In case you mess up with the doses or forget about the way to intake, do contact your physician immediately and follow the revised directions.


Cenforce 200mg is an FDA-guaranteed and authentic medicine used for curing erectile dysfunction in men. However, the medicine can also be used if the health problems of pulmonary hypertension exist. But majorly, the focus and usage are of it towards healing impotence. The pills work 100% efficiently and show positive results to those who take them on their doctors’ advice.

Moreover, the results may not be as accurate as stated if the pills are taken with heavy meals or allergic food content. Otherwise, if all the instructions are adhered to honestly, it will keep the erection of the penis intact during sexual intercourse.

Cenforce 200mg shows the best results if they are taken without any meal. However, it also works if consumed after a light meal. But it is recommended to take an empty stomach. While taking it, use normal water to consume Cenforce 200mg.

No, it is evident from the usage and applications of Cenforce 200 mg that its primary function is to cure impotence and erectile dysfunction in men exclusively. Whereas it is also helpful in healing pulmonary hypertension in men only. So, we can conclude that Cenforce 200mg is not suitable for women, especially pregnant women.     

The medicine should be taken at least an hour before sexual intercourse. And the effect of the drug lasts for a maximum of four hours.  

The tablets of Cenforce 200mg are available on various online platforms ranging from online stores and online pharmacy shops.  

No, never follow self-medication. Even if your body shows all and exact symptoms of erectile dysfunction, in that case, also do not become your doctor. Consume Cenforce 200mg only when prescribed by your physician after proper examination of your symptoms. It is suggested because you do not have an idea how your body will show the reaction to a particular medicine. If any undesirable reaction pops up, what will you do, how will you cope with that, or whom would you take help from. That’s why self-medication is not preferred and advised.


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