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Cenforce is a medication that comes from an exclusive group of generic viagra. It is one of the best medicines for treating erectile dysfunction in men. This drug helps to reimpose manliness, enhance the sexual relationship with their partners, attain a harder erection, and promote an arousement during sexual activity. Viagra is considered a bit expensive, but Cenforce medication has etched its spot as one of the practical and powerful exclusive drugs in contradiction with huge expensive Viagra.

Cenforce medication comes with its benefits, which resolve the impotence issues between the partners. Erectile dysfunction is a serious issue to consider to avoid further problems in personal life. Men are advised for treatment of erectile dysfunction. This Cenforce is composed of the active component Sildenafil Citrate that promotes the proper blood flow to the penile region. It is the far best option for treating ED.

Uses of Cenforce:

Here are few uses of Cenforce:

  • Cenforce medication is taken to treat erectile dysfunction in men. This drug has interaction with other medicines, so make sure to consult the doctor before it.
  • Consuming the tablet helps men to attain a harder erection. But it is possible upon sexual stimulation.
  • It is advised to consume tablets in a prescribed quantity. Do not alter it yourself into small or large amounts.
  • If the user has undergone cardiac arrest, he must strictly follow the doctor’s dosage strength.
  • Do not deal with or handle heavy instruments because it may lead to dizziness.
  • Do not use the tablet in combination with nitrate drugs as it may lead to extreme depletion of blood pressure.
  • If you sense any of the symptoms after taking the tablet, inform your doctor promptly.
  • Take this medication as a whole without crushing or dividing into two halves,
  • Cenforce effectiveness is unconcerned with any food. You may take it before or after the meal. You may observe the lapse in drug reaction time if it is taken with an adequate meal.
  • Using alcohol is entirely impermissible while taking the medication.
  • It is advised to consume medicine before one hour of sexual activity.
  • Avoid taking this medication if not advised by a doctor or specialist.
  • The drug lasts up to 4 hours in your body and maintains a stronger erection. In case if the erection lasted longer than expected duration, consult the doctor for further damage.
  • The recommended dosage per day is one.
  • It is strictly not recommended to take this medication by women.

How to use Cenforce Tablets?

A person should follow specific procedures while consuming Cenforce medication. Firstly, the consideration of taking this medication must be only after the doctor’s prescription. According to research, many failed attempts on the patients when they intended to ingest the medication between veins. But the outcome reaction seems to be not so quick in the penis, and in turn, it controls and minimizes your body blood pressure which is likely to cause further damage in your life. So it is preferred to gobble Sildenafil Citrate as a tablet with a glass of water than to ingest it into your body directly. Do not break the Cenforce tablet into halves.

The reaction of the Cenforce dosage also depends on how your body adapts to it by the usage. So, after the doctor examined your health condition, he will prescribe the dosage strength for the use. The dosage strength varies from Cenforce 100mg, 150mg, 200mg, 50mg. 

Firstly, if the patient is new to this treatment, the doctor will check with erectile dysfunction, and as the user is new to this medication so the doctor is likely to be prescribed Cenforce 50mg or 100mg. Next, the patient is inspected for few weeks that how his body reacts to the dosage. Later if the users felt good about the dosage and don’t get any side effects, the doctor will increase the dosage strength to 150mg or 200mg. 

Lastly, aware your doctor how often you perform sex because prescribing the Cenforce dosage depends on it. If you are likely to perform frequent sex activity in a day, the doctor may ask you to halt Cenforce tablet usage.


Cenforce 150 mg is a clinically prescribed medicine for treating erectile dysfunction issues in men. Consumption of this dosage will increase blood flow in the penis because its stimulating PDE5 impetus known as phosphodiesterase helps maintain a harder erection. It is composed of the Sildenafil Citrate component. So the patients who consume drugs that interact with Sildenafil Citrate kindly avoid using Cenforce medicines.

Cenforce 100mg:

Cenforce 100mg medicine contains phosphodiesterase PDE5 impetus. After consuming the tablet, the enzyme works by soothing up the blood vessels muscles of the penile region and allows it to relax, which further enhances the adequate blood flow to the penis. Take the dosage after the doctor’s prescription.

Cenforce professional 100mg:

Cenforce professional 100mg is an effective drug to treat impotence issues in men with its active agent of Sildenafil Citrate, a PDE5 inhibitor. Cenforce professional 100mg is the best aid that comes with its benefits, enhancing a sexual arousement with their partners. It assures the men to get an extended and more demanding erection with not much effort. It is entirely affordable and less expensive than Viagra.

Cenforce 50mg:

Cenforce 50mg medication is like to be prescribed to beginners who are new to this treatment. This medication helps keep the penile region moderate by soothing up the blood vessels that quickly supply the penis. The PDE5 inhibitor maximizes the cGMP in the body. It is the best treatment for the impotence problem.

Cenforce D:

Cenforce D medication is composed of an active ingredient; Sildenafil Citrate is used to resolve erectile dysfunction issues in men. It appears to be blue and the form of a tablet. Usage of Cenforce D regulates a proper blood flow to the penis and generally shows its outcome in just 20 minutes. It is proved to be the best impotence treatment for men of 18-65 years of age.

Missed dose:

Missing the dosage is quite a rare case, and if you, unfortunately, missed it, take the medication immediately. Gobble the total dosage with a glass of water without breaking into halves. And do not consider taking the dosage if it is already time for the next scheduled dosage; multiple dosages can cause further damage. Skip it promptly.


Firstly, it is essential to follow the prescribed dosage by the doctor. Do not overdose at any cost. Assuming the effect will probably be more surreal if it is taken in larger quantities. It is entirely wrong. Do not suggest Cenforce to anybody until users are observed and suggested by the doctor themselves. And if you sense any side effects after taking the overdose, contact and aware your doctor immediately.


These are some warnings to be considered while taking medications which includes:

  • Patients who have undergone cardiac arrest and who do not confer to have any sexual activity and likely not to use Cenforce medication.
  • It is compulsory to diagnose the physical condition of the body before initiating the treatment.
  • Cenforce has the effect of diluting the blood vessels that will lead to a reduction of blood pressure.
  • Cenforce has interaction with other drugs, so taking both along at the same time is not recommended.
  • Drugs containing nitrate components will prove to be severely dangerous against Sildenafil.
  • Also, patients who are prone to Sildenafil must prevent taking this medicine.
  • Using alcohol can be extremely dangerous while using this medicine because some drinks contain ethyl alcohol which causes dreadful interaction with Sildenafil.
  • It is not permissible to use the Cenforce tablet by the women.
  • Sildenafil interacts with drugs like Warfarin, Terazosin, ACEinhibitors, Atenolol, etc.
  • It is a severe warning that men must observe the time limit, i.e., if the erection extended for more than 4 hours, he is asked to consult the doctor immediately.
  • Ringing in the ears and hearing loss are the significant risk effects of Cenforce.

What are the Side effects of Cenforce?

Following are some side effects of Cenforce

  • Minor side effects include anemia, diarrhea, reddening of the face, flushing, nausea, blockage of the nose
  • Severe side effects like headache, vomiting, upset stomach
  • Also, the patient must avoid handling heavy instruments after taking the Cenforce as it will lead to dizziness
  • Bleeding and painful urination
  • Sore muscles and numbness
  • Susceptibility to light
  • Vision and color impairment, ringing in the ears, loss of hearing and extended erection for more than 4 hours are rare but dreadful side effects.
  • Dehydration, rashes, allergies, etc
  • Sildenafil may be harmful to breastfeeding babies.
  • Non-uniform heartbeat and breathing problem is also the other side effect.

What Cenforce Tablets Precautions need to take?

Some of the preventive measures to be considered are as follows.

  • Firstly take the medication after the doctor prescribes it. Do not use it on your own.
  • Do not take medicine under some family and friend’s suggestions. Check with the doctor to understand whether it’s accepted or not.
  • Avoid using an expired tablet or tablet which is exposed in the open air.
  • The patient must go through the proper medical guidelines and understand the procedure before taking medicine.
  • Aware your doctor about your existing health condition, so a proper dosage strength is prescribed to you accordingly.
  • Prevent drinking the alcohol while taking the medication as it will slow down the reaction process
  • The age limit to take this medication is above 18
  • Breastfeeding mothers must avoid taking Sildenafil.
  • Try to relax and be composed when pain occurs during sexual activity.


Cenforce tablet can be consumed directly with a glass of water. The prescribed pill is one per day. You can take medicine during the day or night; there is no fixed duration. But in the case of pulmonary hypertension and heart disease, it varies. The patient should strictly follow the timetable instructed by the doctor for him or her. So Sildenafil can be taken daily, and it has high effective active agent which arouses your sexual pleasure.

It depends upon the dosage strength till up to Cenforce would last. Now, let’s see if Cenforce 100mg dosage is taken then will start showing the reaction in an hour or 30 minutes and stay longer in a body for a maximum of 8 hours. But, anyhow, it will not stimulate its own, an arousement must be created to know its benefits.

The answer is yes. There are many online medical websites where you can make the Cenforce tablet purchase quickly. It assured the user’s privacy and security and delivered to you accurately. But it would be preferable if the patient will have a legitimate doctor’s prescription before buying it. 

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